In the Augurs, there is quite the question when it comes to equipment. The Augurs are still reeling from their most recent conflicts and are constantly low on weapons and supplies. To remedy this, there is always a supply and demand for certain weapons, and only few may get them. Therefor, there is a "Rarity grade" on all armors, vehicles, and weapons. Few people may actually get certain weapons for the moment, and is certainly a main pushing factor for the constant need of resources. There may be inner strife for the weaponry, and it is expected. That is why Darkminister keeps a close watch on who will receive equipment from the very limited armory.


Rarity Grade

Common: Typically found in the hands of low-ranking individuals (Astartes: Common Standard Equipment)

Uncommon: Standard lot, found in standard-quality cultist hands (Astartes: Heavy Equipment)

Rare: Found in Traitor Guard hands, or that of specialized units (Astartes: Special Weapons)

Very Rare: Scarcely utilized, found in elite units or Champion hands (Astartes: Unique Weapons)

Unique: Only current chosen individuals have this only copy of this item (Astartes: Relic)

Astartes Armor Types

Mk 3 Iron Armor - Extremely Rare

Mk 4 Maximus Armor - Very Rare

Mk 5 Heresy Armor - Rare

Mk 6 Corvus Armor - Rare

Mk 7 Aquila Armor - Uncommon

Mk 8 Errant Armor - Very Rare

Indomitus Pattern Terminator Armor - Unique

Cultist Armor Types

Clothing - Common

Scrapmetal Armor - Common

Flak Armor - Uncommon

Carapace Armor - Rare

Power Armor - Very Rare

Melee Weapons

Combat Knife

Sol Pattern Combat Knife


The standard Luna Pattern combat knife, kept as a weapon by civilian and PDF/Guardsmen alike. Often utilized by standard Augur cultists as a complement to whatever ranged weapon they are given. Some fanatics however choose to wantonly assault with nothing but their defiled blades. The Sol Pattern combat knife, an upsized variant, is often kept as a weapon by Chaos Space Marines.

Plague Knife


Very Rare/ Near Unique

Plague Knives are weapons rarely found by the few Nurgle-aligned Chaos Space Marines in the Augurs, as well as very high-ranked Nurglite cultists within the many cults of the warband. These weapons are eternally corrupting, incurably pestilent and coated with a filth unseen anywhere else in the galaxy, able to infect the wounded with the incurable disease known as Nurgle’s Rot.

Unity Cleaver

Saw cleaver 2


Unity Cleavers are a specialized variant of the standard sword found throughout the Imperium. Through a wide variety of  techniques, their edge has been sharpened to monomolecular thickness, allowing significantly more penetrative power than would traditionally be expected from a typical blade. Often such a weapon is found in the hands of cultists with at least a modicum of combat capabilities, capable of easily piercing suits of flak armor.




In rare instances that Augurs are found with no weapon, they often will craft a blade out of jagged shards of scrap metal and a piecemeal grip, similar in quality to an Ork Choppa. Though the weapons look similar, they are hardly comparable - Ork weapons function as intended due to their race’s psychic field, whereas Augur “Choppas” are limited in combat capability due to their low quality. Their closest form of combat capabilities comes in the form of their often rusted blades, which could potentially cause a wounded man further infection to any wounds.




A horrific mutilating weapon, chainswords have been in use by the Augurs of the Serpent for millennia, ever since their origin as a splinter of the Alpha Legion. The chainsword commonly used by Chaos Astartes is the corrupted Thunder Edge pattern, while cultists and Traitor Guard fortunate enough to have such a weapon must typically make do with a human-scale Mark XI “Hell’s Teeth” Pattern or Hecate Pattern chainsword.


Khornate Chainaxe


Chainaxes are often found amongst the brutal Chaos Space Marines, or exceptionally strong cultists, and the Augurs of the Serpent is no exception. The standard model of Chainaxe used by the cult is neither Charatran Pattern nor Reaver Pattern, instead following a ubiquitous pattern similar in style to that of Khornate weapons.

Force Weapon

Astartes Power Sword2

(Astartes Only) Very Rare

Force Weapons are scarcely found amongst the forces of the Augurs. Rarely will even a psychic traitor receive such a pernicious sword or staff, Space Marine or not. These weapons have been ritually inscribed with runes detailing ancient litanies to the Chaos Gods, tales that uttered aloud would tear open rifts in the Warp with how defiling their very utterance is. Thankfully, their makers are long lost and their inscriptions long forgotten.

Power Weapon

Master-Crafted Power Axe

Very Rare/ Rare

Power weapons as a whole are rarely encountered in the Augurs, due to the difficulty in producing and maintaining such archaic armaments. When such a weapon - sword, axe, or maul - is found, normally a Venom Fang or other Cultist leader utilizes the weapon, able to slice through practically any armor worn by a Guardsman. Carapace armor is not free from damage either - though encounters with Storm Troopers have been few and far between.

Shock Maul

Ultima-Pattern Arbites Maul

(Humans Only) Uncommon

Traditionally found in the usage of the Adeptus Arbites, a minority of shock mauls have been acquired by the Augurs of the Serpent. Through the elector-suppression unit within their head, a normal human being will find himself on the ground, his mind friend when the electrical weapon is turned to full power. Electrical damage means the weapon is capable of affecting most individuals regardless of armor - though the damaging capability remains somewhat questionable.

Ranged Weapons(Standard)




Autopistols are widely seen in use by the Augurs. Cultists typically are fielded with these weapons in lieu of laspistols due to their ease of manufacture, ammunition cost notwithstanding. The Voss Mk 10 Pattern, widely known from their usage by traitors during the Siege of Vraks, and its sister pattern, the Voss Mk 11, are the choice model used by the Augurs - the former is often fitted with a crude foregrip and silencer for quiet operation.




The Karash-Pattern Autogun is commonly found in use throughout the Imperium of Man, often praised for its reliability despite somewhat degraded accuracy. The variant used by the Augurs, the Karash Mk 12, is manufactured in house as a refit of captured autoguns, adding a foldable stock, an extended thirty round magazine, and both an upper and lower rail. The former fits a variety of scopes, while the latter can fit several varying modules - a chainblade, a single shot grenade launcher, a five shot shotlas, a sixty shot laspistol, or a five second burst hand flamer. The weapon’s modularity often sees it utilized by cultists of a wide range of ranks.

Stub Automatic



Stub guns are widely in use with the Augurs of the Serpent due to their ease of manufacture, easier even than an autopistol to adequately forge. Most common of the pistol-type Stubbers in use by cultists is the Vraks Pattern Stub Automatic, a semi-automatic weapon carrying six rounds of a medium pistol caliber within an integrated magazine. A capable weapon, the Stub Automatic is much more accurate than the Autopistol, albeit with a significantly reduced ammo capacity.

.50 Carsyn Stub Revolver



A high-caliber weapon, the .50 Carsyn is a stub revolver developed many years ago as a competitor to the stopping power of the notable .54 Tranter hand cannon. While packing slightly less punch, the .50 Carsyn was more reliable, though it carried five rounds to the Tranter’s seven. A failure, the design changed hands several times throughout a cluster of subsectors before finding itself in the hands of a businessman swayed to the whims of the Augurs. The weapon is produced in limited supply for ranking cultists, where its short-range firepower is considered to be superb.


6099809679 7ce2858703


The Lucius Mk 22 Pattern Shotgun forms the backbone of the Augurs’ terror forces. While the autogun is a capable weapon against PDF forces, and las-weapons are excellent for use against Guardsmen, the potency of a shotgun against large numbers of unarmored targets cannot be denied. The Lucius Mk 22 finds itself more often used than either of the standard Accatran Patterns due to ease of manufacture, in concert with the double-action mode of firing proving slightly faster than the pump-action of an Accatran, though ammunition capacity is often lacking.




The Kestrel Pattern Laspistol sees common use within Subsector Scandivus thanks to its legendary durability. Forged in the aftermath of the Age of Strife as a smaller weapon capable of wielding the same damaging capabilities as the Torneo Pattern, Laspistols of this type are often found in use by cultists expecting to engage proper Guardsmen instead of PDF. There, their armor-penetrating capabilities come in handy.




The M35 M-Galaxy Pattern lasgun is the most common weapon of its type in the entire galaxy. Inevitably, weapons of such type will find themselves in the hands of sinister organizations such as the Augurs

of the Serpent. Though unable to fit attachments like the Kalash Mk 12 autogun, the Lasgun is exceptionally good at piercing the flak armor of Imperial Guardsmen, though its effectiveness against the Astartes of the Alfa Legion is certainly lacking.



(Humans Only) Rare

Hellguns of the Mk II type are a sight hardly seen in the Augurs - powerful lasweapons utilizing a backpack energy source to significantly increase the damage to armored targets at the expense of size and ammo capacity. A rare few Augur Hellguns have had their backpack power source removed and replaced with a new power source, effectively converting them into an ersatz Hotshot Lasgun, though most still rely on backpacks.


Thousand sons pattern long las by vincentgemini-d57x8st

(Human Only) Uncommon

A standard sniper weapon for cultists not too full of fervor to focus on aiming, the Lathe Pattern Long-Las mounts a more powerful charge pack and focused internal laser to extend its range when compared to the typical lasgun. The weapon is more than capable of engaging whatever enemy chooses to strike it, even being capable of eliminating an Alfa Legion Sergeant should he not be wearing his helmet.




The M5/6 Desolation Pattern Shotlas is a conversion of M36 Kantrael Pattern lasguns, along with some M35 M-Galaxy Pattern weapons, allowing more damage at the cost of beam coherence. The result is a weapon capable of surprisingly harming even armored targets at close range, but proving ineffectual as a weapon when at standard range. These weapons, more often than not, have intentionally been left with the skull and aquila markings of the Imperial Guard, leading some to suspect that the lasguns were acquired a bit more than unwillingly from an inside source.

Bolt Pistol

Godwyn-Ultima Bolt Pistol Minotaurs

Uncommon / Common

With paint and markings carefully sanded away, no one can truly be sure about the origins of the Bolt Pistols found within the service of the Augurs of the Serpent. Most appear to be common Astartes types taken from the Alfa Legion - Mark III Pattern and Godwyn-Ultima Pattern bolt pistols, able to only be wielded by the Chaos Space Marines within the warband. However, some human-sized variants have been seen as well - Godwyn-De’az Pattern and Ceres-Pattern weapons, though the latter two are rarely seen as sidearms for anything other than high-ranking cultists.


Mark iv boltgun by rumbles-d4sylny

Uncommon / Common

Proper Bolters are scarcely seen outside the Chaos Space Marines within the Augurs. Most commonly utilized is the Ultima Mark II Pattern, though some elder Astartes still cling to their Ancient Phobos Pattern weapons. A very small minority of cultists wield Bolters of the Godwyn-De’az Pattern, the only type they can successfully hold. Bolters are rarely deployed, only seeing use typically when it is absolutely certain that the Alfa Legion will be encountered.


Mk IV-SV 'Pyros' Type Combi-Flamer Fire Angels

Very Rare

A mesh of a bolter with an integrated single shot flamer, the Combi-Flamer provides more tactical flexibility than a standard flamer thanks to the addition of the secondary weapon that, though single-use, is more than capable of sending scorching-hot flames across the flesh of a wide variety of enemies. Only Chaos Space Marines use these weapons, often of the Mk IV-SV “Pyros” type.

Combi-Plasma Gun

Combi-Plasma Gun

Very Rare

Combi-Plasma Guns are the same as any standard weapon, a mesh of two different weapons combined to provide dual functionality. In this case, a standard bolter has been integrated with a single-shot plasma gun, providing exceptional anti-armor firepower in the event that such a target reveals itself. Combi-Plasma guns are only seen amongst the Chaos-aligned Astartes within the Augurs of the Serpent.


Space marine sternguard combimelta 1 large

Very Rare

Unlike standard Combi-Meltas that mesh a single-shot melta gun into a bolter, the Augur variant comprises a standard melta with a bolt pistol mounted underneath. Both weapons are fully capable of being reloaded the standard way, meaning that Augur Combi-Meltas do not lose the tactical flexibility that their standard Imperial counterparts do - albeit with more focus on anti-armor capabilities and less on anti-infantry.

Terminus Rifle


Very Rare

Wielded by two-man teams of heavy snipers, or in rare case, single-man teams, the Terminus Rifle was designed by the Fang known as Infinitis to provide cultists with a sturdy yet capable weapon able to engage Alfa Legion Astartes reliably. Firing a single heavy bolter round, the weapon’s recoil has been significantly dampened thanks to the customized muzzle brake - though the weapon still weighs far more than what a standard human being can reliably carry, requiring a specialized tripod cut down from an Imperial Guard heavy bolter just to be stably fired. The results are, however, quite devastating.


SW Meltagun


The Accatran Pattern Mark VIII Meltagun is the weapon commonly used by the Augurs of the Serpent for reliable anti-armor usage. None of these complex weapons are manufactured by the Augurs - instead being stolen from Imperial Guard armories or stripped from the corpses of unlucky Guardsmen. Meltaguns are one of the few items a normal human can wield that can penetrate the armor of a Space Marine, and cultists expecting to engage Alfa Legionnaires can expect at least several Meltas to be at their disposal.

Plasma Pistol

Reapers Tongue Plasma Gun


Plasma Pistols manufactured by the Augurs are not the safer variant utilized by the Alfa Legion and local Imperial Guard. Though such weapons are used where they are found, almost all Plasma Pistols in the inventory of the Augurs are based off the Chaos pattern known as the Reaper’s Tongue, based off designs millennia out of date. Though certainly more powerful than a Mk III “Sunfury” or Ryza Pattern weapon, the chance of accidental detonation is also increased - meaning that these weapons are only sparingly used.

Plasma Gun



Plasma Gun technology in use with the Augurs of the Serpent has, unlike their pistols, stayed consistent with the Imperials. The standard pattern utilized is the Mark IIs “Ragefire” Pattern, scaled down to fit the hands of a normal human. Though more unreliable and finicky than a melta, the Plasma Gun is almost equally as effective against heavily armored targets. Standard-sized “Ragefires” are occasionally wielded by the Chaos Space Marines within the warband when they feel bolters will have less of an impact upon their chosen target.




Whilst jury-rigged flamers with backpack promethium tanks are modestly common within the Augurs’ inventory, the Voss Pattern “Nightfire” is the closest thing to a standardized type of Flamer to be found within the warband’s inventory. Though most weapons lack the blend of toxic chemicals traditionally added to the Voss Pattern, leaving acrid, choking smoke in the wake of its promethium-fueled flames, they are no less lethal a weapon, able to ignite a wide variety of materials and terrorize even the most stout-hearted foe.

Hand Flamer

Inquisitor Hand Flamer


Hand Flamers are more scarcely seen than their larger brethren chiefly due to the difficulties of manufacturing such miniaturized weapons. The Typhon Pattern Hand Flamer, despite its complexity, relies upon a simple system to ensure the short-ranged burst of white-hot promethium it spews is constantly fed. Small canisters of promethium are snapped into the weapon, able to easily be ejected and replaced upon their being emptied. Such a weapon has a longer consistent firing rate than its larger companions, though its range is very short.


Storm bolter 3d max render by darklostsoul86

Very Rare

Storm-Bolters are an archaic weapon, seen very rarely in the present day. Essentially two bolters mounted next to one another, the Storm-Bolter is, in Augur service, almost always mounted in a pintle mount, replacing the more utilized heavy stubber. Rarely will a Chaos Space Marine request a Storm-bolter for use against his foes, as they are notoriously temperamental weapons.

Grenade Launcher

Cadian pattern Grenade Launcher


Though the Mezoa Grenade Launcher is considered to have a longer range and superior accuracy, typically the Voss Pattern Mk V Grenade Launcher is found in Augur inventories. With six grenades inside the weapon’s integrated cylinder and semi-automatic fire, the weapon is useful against groups of Imperial Guardsmen, even somewhat effectual against Space Marines.

Ranged Weapons(Heavy)

Heavy Stubber

Heavy Stubber unknown pattern


Vraks Pattern heavy stubbers once saw service with the traitors of the Siege of Vraks. Such a common design is prevalent within the Augurs of the Serpent, the weapon finding itself a standard choice as both a standalone heavy weapon and as a pintle-mounted firearm. With a belt-feed, the weapon can continue to fire as long as new ammunition is clipped to the belt, the barrel able to be easily replaced due to its exceptionally high rate of fire.


Imperial Autocannon


Autocannons are one of the bread and butter heavy weapons utilized by the Augurs of the Serpent. Being a weapon that is difficult to handle, most find themselves mounted on tripods for fixed defense, occasionally being mounted onto technicals or other improvised vehicles. While armor penetration is sub-par, the weapon is still excellent at engaging foes at range. The two types of autocannon commonly utilized are the Mars Pattern and Hydra Pattern autocannon.

Heavy Bolter

Chaos Heavy Bolter


The Heavy Bolters utilized by the Augurs are more often than not of the Astartes variant, either simply corrupted with Chaotic iconography or retrofitted for human use on a tripod. Most are Astartes Mk IVa weapons, though they often are refitted with human-sized handholds scavenged from Godwyn-De’az Pattern heavy bolters acquired from the Imperial Guard. All utilize a belt feed, allowing for significant ammunition capacity at the greater risk of jamming.

Heavy Flamer

Modern Hvy Flamer Unknown Patte4rn


Able to belch out even more potent waves of flame than a typical flamer, the Helbrute Pattern Heavy Flamer is a noted Chaos pattern derived from the Phaestos Pattern manufactured for the legions of the Space Marines during the Great Crusade. Rarely are they carried by cultists due to their bulk, often being utilized on tripods for static defense, or by the more heavy weapon inclined of the Chaos Space Marines in the warband.


Man-Portable Lascannon2


The Hell-Hammer Pattern Lascannon is the more typically utilized Lascannon found in the Augurs. An excellent weapon for penetrating the armor of Space Marines, their bulk makes them somewhat impractical to often utilize alone. Rarely if ever will a Lascannon be used by a Chaos Space Marine - the weapon is merely an equalizer for cultists, who can certainly can use the weapon to down heavily armored foes.

Missile Launcher

Soundstrike Missile Launcher


The Thunder Pattern Missile Launcher is the chief anti-vehicle weapon of the Augurs, a man portable launcher, albeit an unwieldy and heavy one. Able to fit six missiles, typically frag, krak, or rarely flakk, the Missile Launcher is capable of effectively damaging both infantry fighting vehicles and standard tanks, as well as armored personnel carriers. They are ineffectual against larger vehicles, however it’s just an Industrial Dildo Launcher.



Very Rare

A lethal weapon nicknamed the ‘can-opener,’, the Mars Pattern Multi-Melta is rarely seen in use by cultists proper, but when employed, it is a very effective weapon when utilized against Space Marines of the Alfa Legion, or of armored vehicles, but the Multi-Melta is a difficult weapon to maintain, the archaic pattern even moreso. Difficult to utilize, they nonetheless are a potent firearm to utilize.

Plasma Cannon

Ryza Pattern Star Phantoms

Very Rare

Plasma Cannons, the great weapons unleashing burst of energy hotter than a star on an enemy, are some of the most dangerous weapons utilized by the Augurs of the Serpent. Clunky, heavy, and prone to catastrophic detonation, these weapons cause significant damage to whatever enemy forces encounter them, though they’re almost as hard to maintain as a multi-melta and this precludes their typical usage against enemy forces.

Reaper Autocannon

Reaper Autocannon2 colour


Reaper Autocannons are monstrous weapons, once forming the backbone of the Imperial Terminator forces. Defiled by the Alpha Legion, the Reaper Autocannons of the Augurs of the Serpent are lovely weapons capable of causing mass devastation to anything that comes nearby. Being extraordinarily heavy, they are only ever utilized in combat in to the rare instances that Augur Chaos Space Marines have to deploy in Terminator armor.

Explosives and Charge Packs

Blight Grenade

Blight Grenade

Very Rare

Blight Grenades are essentially human heads, diseased and hollowed out with Nurgle’s potent concoctions. They are a potent, albeit rare form of ordnance only utilized by Nurgle-aligned cultists due to their rotting existence.

Frag Grenade



Frag Grenades are standard grenades used for antipersonnel work. Some are homemade by the Augurs, but most are simply stolen Imperial weapons.

Krak Grenade

Krak Grenade2


Krak Grenades are used for proper explosive work, often being thrown against vehicles and buildings. Weapons are sometimes stuck directly to their targets thanks to accompanying sticky putty, but often they’re just thrown.

Melta Bomb

IF MkXIX Lucifer Pattern Melta Bomb

Very Rare

Melta Bombs are rarely utilized by the Augurs, but they’re extremely powerful. These powerful grenade-like weapons melt away the target inside their detonation range - one of the few bombs able to damage Land Raiders.

Shard Grenade

Dorothy 0015f Crystal Glass Grenades


Shard Grenades are specialized weapons, formed of a piece of single crystal carved into the shape of a frag grenade. The crystals are filled with raw energy of the Warp, and will explode on impact with the ground, releasing its power everywhere and vaporizing nearby targets thanks to the potent power contained within.

Vehicle Depot




Most Rhinos in use with the Augurs are of the standard type, but a good deal are, as well, of the ancient Deimos Pattern. A base acquired by the Augurs on Italicus was stocked with Deimos Pattern Rhino chassis that were quickly finished with parts from later Mk IIC Rhinos. Typically, such vehicles are used as armored personnel carrier for cultists and, rarely, Chaos Space Marines - often fully outfitted with extras to ensure they’re most effective when brought to bear.

(1x) Deimos Predator (ALL FUCKED AND UNDER REPAIR)



A small minority of the Deimos Rhino chassis were constructed with spare Deimos Predator turrets into a variety of Deimos Predator variants. The Destructor and Annihilator are the most common, with very few Infernus or Executioner-type Predators in service with the Augurs due to the temperament of their main weapons. There are rumors that one or more of the Predators have become Infernal Relics, though even the Fangs will say nothing as to the truth of the rumor. Standard Predators are used as well, though they are not as common.

(x1) Whirlwind Scorpius (ALL FUCKED AND UNDER REPAIR)


Very Rare

Deimos Rhinos found themselves turned into Whirlwind Scorpius rocket artillery vehicles after further examination of the mysterious weapons stockpiles within the Italicus base. These vehicles provide consistent streams of somewhat accurate rocket fire, in comparison to the widespread devastation of the standard Whirlwind. Both types see use side by side, though cultist commanders prefer the Scorpius due to its relative accuracy.


436970 md-Chaos Space Marines, Games Workshop, Vindicator, Warhammer 40,000, Word Bearers

Very Rare

Vindicators are more often than not seen based on Mk IIC Rhino platforms. With Demolisher Cannons being limited in quantity, Vindicators are scarcely utilized - but their destructive power is certainly significant, superb weapon-wise against whatever Imperials attempt to confront it. Often they are also fitted with Havoc Missile Launchers to allow for further long-range devastation.

(x1) Sabre Tank Hunter (ALL FUCKED AND UNDER REPAIR)


Very Rare

An archaic vehicle based upon the Mk IC Rhino, the Sabre is a common vehicle in the service of the Augurs. Many were decommissioned in the arsenals of the Subsector, and most found themselves in Augur hands. Their autocannon allows for relatively excellent direct fire from range, but it is much worse at dealing with flanking enemies than a Predator.


3661665113 c3f401e8c0


Chimeras come in a wide variety within the Augurs, armed with either autocannons or multilasers in their turrets. The three main variants - the Chimerax, Chimedon, and Chimerro - all see use in the Augurs through a wide variety of roles. Even some wheeled Chimeras see use - all acquired and maintained through the web of corruption within the Imperial Guard in the Scandivus subsector.




The world of Italicus, being an agricultural planet, utilizes a large number of Land Crawlers across the world for various purposes. It is hardly uncommon for a tractor to disappear, soon converted into a weapon for the Augurs as once inspired by the Death Corps of Krieg. The Siegfried used by the Augurs fits a multilaser in a cramped, improvised turret - the firepower of a Chimera with none of the troop capacity.


173083049 b4bff187b0


The Bruennhilde is another conversion of the Land Crawler, utilized often as a repair and recovery vehicle. Two heavy stubbers are mounted on top of the chassis, the rear opened wide for storage of spare parts and equipment. These vehicles are often seen with their rears covered in cloth, hiding whatever contents they carry.




Tauros Assault Vehicles in both their four and six-wheeled guises, are often used by the Augurs of the Serpent for quick strikes when the chance of enemy fire is minimal. Tauros vehicles fit heavy flamers or grenade launchers, while Venators serve in an ersatz tank-killing or anti-air role with twin-linked lascannons or autocannons.


662436 md-Am, Astra Militarum, Chaos, Renegade, Taurox, Traitor, Transport


Often seen side-by-side with the Chimeras of the Augurs, the Taurox vehicles looted from Planetary Defense Forces, as well as the occasional group of Imperial Guard, are considered to be a more flexible yet less protected choice of vehicle. Though not as armored, they are armed with a cocktail of weaponry, sometimes even from salvaged Taurox Prime turrets mounted to their hulls.

(x10)Astartes Assault Bike

Chaos Marine Bike


Armed with a forward-fixed combi-bolter, these ancient Attack Bikes are relics from the Horus Heresy, scarcely seen in use outside the Chaos Space Marines from the Augurs. With their sleek frames providing unparalleled mobility, it will become even more difficult for Imperial Guard to kill their quarry after he runs through their lines.

(x15) Cadian Assault Sentinel



A pattern of Sentinel utilized in urban terrain, the Cadian Assault Sentinel utilizes a pair of multilasers mounted above the leg joints, in concert with a twin-linked heavy stubber within the vehicle’s chin mount. Though well-armed and well-armored, the lack of a third joint within the vehicle’s legs makes it unsuitable for use in extreme climates. Such is why even in Augur use, the Cadian Assault Sentinel is almost never deployed to mountainous or snowy worlds, standard Sentinels being utilized in their stead.




Practically the only aerial vehicle utilized by the Augurs, the Valkyrie-class gunship mounts a wide variety of armaments, in concert with being able to carry squads of cultists. A very flexible craft, they typically are not deployed due to the high levels of Chaotic corruption within them - but when used, they can be a very swift foe to the Guard.

(Innumerable) Veritas Halftrack

IMG 1810


A vehicle designed through the combination of a truck with the stripped down tracks of common agricultural vehicles, the Veritas Halftrack is often utilized by less well off PDF troops without access to Tauroxes or Chimeras. The Augurs occasionally utilize them in a wide variety of roles, sometimes with various weapon systems mounted in the bed. Veritas Halftracks see a variety of uses, often interchanged with Gun Trucks in harsher environments where their rear tracks prove useful.

(Innumerable) Technical



Technicals can take many forms; Usually cargo trucks, modified with a wide variety of differing armaments in their beds - from autocannons and lascannons to simple heavy stubbers on improvised monopods. While not well armored, and with an armament widely varying in quality, technicals are viable enough against infantry-based groups of PDF or Guardsmen. However, against even such vehicles as the humble chimera, they would get reduced to a burning pile of scrap within moments..

(Innumerable) Vykres Tank


Common The Vykres Tank is an improvised vehicle, based off a small agricultural tractor and fitted with two heavy stubbers - one in a frontal mount, the other in a turret. These vehicles are often given to cultists who believe they are soon to come under PDF attack, smuggled in part by part and clandestinely assembled to allow for some level of anti-infantry capabilities.