The Augurs have a pretty good ear when it comes to relics of the old ages long past. They have kept tabs on them and have constantly kept an eye on the information about them. There may come a time when they may send out parties to find these relics.

You may see these relics come up now and again across the RP's. A wise brother would keep an eye out for clues about the locations of said relics, or perhaps information about them...


Infernus, a plasma rifle that has seen service in the XXth legion since the Great Crusade. The Infernus derives it’s name from the unstable magnetic sheath of the plasma which has a tendency to set things around the target on fire. Basically a plasma shotgun.

Tome of Darkness, a book of dark lore focusing on the subtle subversion of the psychi, the spells and rituals detailed in this book range from subverting one person to corrupting small populations. 17225

Black Flame Vitae (Weapon Form, Black Flame Vitae Staff), Force Weapons carved from the bones of the Greater Wyvern known as the Black Flame, among other things, this massive and ancient beast was corrupted by chaos and upon its death, the Augurs carved powerful weapons from its skeleton.

The Gauntlets of Perdition, a pair of tainted Tang War Pattern power fists, fitted with larger integrated power sources that fuel the hellguns integrated into the weapons.




Power Glaive of Calavius: Once a mighty Glaive from the times of the Great Crusade, it has been lost after the major battles in the outer worlds with the word bearers. It was once in the hands of a legendary Adeptus Custodes; Calavius. Is reportedly hidden under the surface of Cocainia V.

Falkaeth: An Ancient Rune Blade forged directly from the fires of the legendary Iron Warriors’ Warpsmith Prosvakis. It was a personal weapon of his throughout the Heresy, and as of now is said to be on the Imperial held planet Ravanis V, one of the planets upon the bridge to the new black crusade.

Der’Khan: Daemon blade Der’Khan is a legendary blade forged deep within the warp. It is it. It is also said that it absorbs blood from the enemies on the ground to create an Unholy said it is so powerful and heavy, it is required that a man must two-hand the Weapon to use barrier around the wielder to protect him as he fights on for Khorne. Scattered reports around several sectors report of an Adeptus Astartes who carries the blade or a blade of such description.

The Sacred Spear of Talvan: Several reports upon the Hiveworld of Jarkyn talk of a Powerful Spear that has the power to wield light itself, used to strike down Chaos worshippers in their tracks. This is believed to be a propaganda element used by the Imperial government to scare Chaos Cults into submission and decimation.

The Rifle Of Pqual: A Rifle used by the fated Vindicare Assassin Lokivan, who single-handedly destroyed an entire company of rogue Adaptus Astartes  in the swift course of three months through very aggressive sniping tactics upon the Chapter’s own battlecruiser,  before overloading the warp drive to kill the entire fleet, dragging them into the warp. Multiple sightings within the huge asteroid fields of Pqual, the site of the “incident”.

The Dual Bolt Pistols of Yarav: Two Bolt pistols wielded by the Ex-Commander Yarav. He led charges with these bolt pistols, in the place of a sword. There is word that once he was killed they were transferred over to the local Cult of Tzeentch. They are reportedly in the hands of the Sorcerer who leads them currently on the Feral of Bolonok.

The Five Furies of Mars: There is a tale of five bolters all blessed in fire by the legendary smiths upon Mars herself. They are said to spit an acid ammunition round that will even pierce through the Chitin of the Tyranids’ Mighty beasts, along with the heavy metal plating on the Rhinos of the Imperium. They each are scattered across the recently discovered Ultreki System, after a large force of Mechanus were destroyed while on their way to colonize and scavenge there. They were said to have been scattered amongst the debris of those ships once traveling through there.

The Lance of the Defiant God: On a feudal world upon the rim, there was a great empire of defensive humans known as the Romonsk. After being annexed by the Imperium,  they were treated very poorly by their Imperial overlords. They were led by one man in revolt to the Imperium, as his people could not survive one more day alongside their Imperial rulers. His name was Vladius The Great, and held his revolt through his aggressively insane tactics for over 433 Years. It was only ended when the Virus Bombing of the Romonsk worlds. It is said that his Power Lance is still drifting through the remains of the worlds, now all converted to Wastelands now known as The Nolan System.

The Vinyl Blade: The thousands of songs produced by this power cutlass as it clashes against another blade is beautiful to the natural ears. It sings with each slash and cut. The tunes heard are produced from the micro trenches in the blade’s design. While it may be amazing to hear from an onlooker, they are not only cosmetic. Ridging those trenches is a rare metal which adds a rip and tear feature to the blade. If it should get through armor, and reach flesh, there is no chance of survival. The blade will not only pass through smoothly, but it will rip internal organs and tissue to shreds as it passes. This is currently in the hands of the Red Corsairs Captain Loki Svyall.


The Stash at Paramour: There is claimed to be a large Pre-Heresy collection of Armors within the Arsenal World of Paramour, within the Great Three Peaks of Mt. Yajel. They are heavily guarded by the Adeptus Mechanus, which confirms most theories across the rumors of our cults, in saying on how they are researching the once slightly more advanced armor.

The Suit of Fire: There was once an Adeptus Custodes who was fit with the most advanced armor in the siege of Terra herself. It was said to unleash pillars of flame from the Terminator Class armor. These pillars were of what was told to be Molten Admantium, spewing forth from a built in furnace into the powerpack. After he accompanied the Emperor onto the Flagship Of Horus,  There is word that there is excavation attempts on the Agri-World Tottana on the eastern fringe of the Eye of Terror.

Eldritch Plate of the Fall: The Eldar had constructed many insane variations of armaments, but none akin to the Eldritch Plate. It was created specifically for a Human’s features. It is not known why it was made like this, but it is revered for its sheer toughness and rugged texture. Words of it buried on a maiden world nearby the Outer Rim of the Galaxy are currently circulating around  the trading fleets of the Rogue traders.

The Shield of Heathens: This Shield was historically used by many a man across the warp. From Daemon to Fallen Astartes, it is clear that this Siege Shield has seen plenty of action. The scorched black and red paint clearly shows the amount of battles, the scratched and dented outside plates of the wide tower shield are signs of the greatest battles in all of mankind. There are reports this shield is under the control of the Alfa legion, but there is no evidence except from rumor on where it could be under the Alfa legion’s large dominion.

The Iron Glow: There is old stories of an Iron halo that defends the wearer from nearly all damage spent at him. Said to have been used by the Inquisitor Vesul as he fought the great daemon Mael’Ke on Cadia. They clashed for hours, surrounded by the storm of battle blazing around them. Neither could kill the other, so the Inquisitor called for an immediate carpet bombing of the entire area, killing all for miles. It reportedly forms a barrier of pure green flame around the wearer, throwing off any attempt at attack or assault towards him. There is reports of The Iron Glow to be near the Cadian defense worlds surrounding Cadia, on the Statue of Truth.

The Shadow Incarnate: The Night Lord’s third company captain before the event of the heresy had worn a suit of power armor with an integrated jump pack.  It is said to be much smaller than the design of the 41st millennium, as it was designed after the small jetpacks of the Eldar and Dark Eldar. It had nearly three times the power, making it very hard to control for anyone who has not served under the Jump Infantry for his whole career. This also had a stealth device built into the frame of the design, therefore making him a shadow regardless of power supply or fuel. This was seen on his person while he and his warband travelled through the I’lkava System, as they raided the rich supply routes there.

Gift of the Archon: The Archons of the Dark Eldar are never seen without his retinue of bodyguards alongside him. The most prominent of those guards are the Incubi. Unlike their Dark Eldar brothers, they are trained apart from all of their fellow warriors in a temple on a far hidden area of the Webway. For an Incubus to fall is almost unheard of on the field of battle, and to see their armor is even rarer when it is not on them. The Gift of the Archon is Incubus armor of legend, once belonging to the masters of the temple of the Incubus. It now is in the hands of the Imperial Merchant Brekius near Valhalla, hidden somewhere within his massive fleet of ships

Kalinka Mark V Battle Helm: In the lost Manufactorum of a lost world in the warp’s folds, there was a group of tech-priests working to reinvent the helmets of the Adeptus Astartes they served. They infused the Helmet with the dark power of the gods, forming a solid halo above the helmet. It was completelycompetely made of pure warp energy. The helmet is said to give the wearer psychic powers of a very basic understanding. This helmet was seen in several different rogue trader’s hands over the centuries, and is nowhere to be known in right now.

The Barrier to the Weak: This is less than an armor, and more of a Breach team’s dream. It was devised by the lost scientists of the golden age of humanity. It is a backpack that fits onto a human’s form, which when activated will create a bubble shield composed of warp matter, blocking all harm. If anything should attempt to get into the barrier, it would be shredded into a fine dust as the dangerous warp energies protecting would react violently to the entry of any material. It is in the hands of the Mechanism of now, on the Forge World of Rale on the western fringe of space.


Gods’ Mast: The banner of the Forsworn is made completely of the flesh of over twenty million different psykers killed in the Gods’ name. The raw psychic energy within the banner is enough to burn the eyes from the surrounding men, and allow psykers to be infested by Daemons regardless of the wards against them. It has been only brought before the enemy of the gods two times. Once to confront the Emperor in the first Black Crusade, and once to counter attack the extremely large tyranid threat coming from the rim. The banner had disappeared until a few centuries ago when it was reportedly seen on the Dead world Balkir.

The Excess of Lambs: The banner itself has never been seen, only mentioned by the rabid Slaaneshi cultists of the hive world Naash. It is said to be made from the finest silks and materials in the galaxy, and if one should touch it, they would be induced into permanent orgasmic pleasure at the hands of the God of Excess. At which time their brains would fry and their souls would be already forfeit to the warp’s touch.

The Beauty of Annihilation: The banner known as the Beauty of Annihilation is a banner of a plain nature, constantly on fire by flames of a trillion colors. It’s pole it is mounted on is made of the bones and essence of the thousands of races gone extinct at the hands of mankind, a true testament to the savagery disguised by the mask of progress and advancement. It is not known the location or owner of the banner, and is only told of in stories across several sectors.


The Carrion Fleet: These are several Heldrakes all controlled by several united Nurgle Daemons, which were lost in the 10th Black Crusade. They are said to be able to spray and prey on so many targets efficiently, while completely infecting the large populations of hives, cities, or even whole planets with terrible viruses. They were recovered and sent to the warp by Abaddon, who then proceeded to lose them in the preparation for the next Crusade. They were seen at one point laid captive within the Death World Prosava.

Kalpran: This is the basic name given to the Khornate flown Hell-Talon who is one of the most notorious dog fighters in the galaxy. It was given an insane kill tally of over 378 vehicles and 4931 Fliers of the enemy. In the assault of her holding area of her holding ship, she was taken by a Pirate team led by a Dark Eldar Kabal. She was taken to the Black Sun of Dukir, home of the Pirate raiding teams.

The Flesh Revelation: This name was given to the Baneblade that was covered in a new layer of skin in the place of her original metal frame. Pus oozes from every opening, along with the slick mucus that covers the entire body of the tank. She was used in several Nurgle takeovers of the worlds of the Galaxy, and was lost in a serious confrontation near Baal. The baneblade was lost for a few decades, but was seen within the ashes of an Asteroid field a few light years from Baal.

The Krakean: A tank once used avidly by the Dark angels, now lost to the Chaos that is the never ending battles of the galaxy. The Vindicator had once felled the mighty Daemon princes of Kalay, and the walls of many a city, now lies under the eternal snow of Swedesia. The Alfa Legion still could not find it or use it to their advantage even if they wanted to, as their neglect of their own planet had buried that tank under too many layers of snow and ice.

Indomidus: The Shadow Sword known as IndomitusIndomidus was used by the Mordian 119th Armored Division in the siege of Brakks in M40. After the severe carpet bombings on the Mordian Positions, the advance of a Rebel tank division to break the Mordians fully was sent. Attempting to push the Moradians to the sea was working very well, but the Mordians, having a weapon up their sleeve, used it as they advanced. The entire outer core of Brakks exploded in a flash of color. Eardrums were ruptured, tanks flew through the skies. The IndominusIndomidus was lost under the rubble, buried by the heavy debris on Brakks, never to be seen again.

Relics of the past:

Sanguinius’ Shards: Once the Angel was stuck down upon the battle barge of Horus, it was realised that his life could not be saved. Although the body was lost as well, some of the shattered remains of his armor was scattered amongst the warp. This was reported to be being collected amongst the Stars, believed by the Imperium to be invaluable.

The Book of Saru: This book is said to contain the vital information to the location of the original colonial locations of mankind. These are also believed to hold some of the most important information that Mankind is missing of her past. This book is sought out by many, but the location is kept by the mysterious shadow-lurkers of the Galaxy. It may also lead to the fabled Black Library, as it shows the Eldar’s vast empire in addition.

The Jewel of the Universe: This is the broad name given to a collection of gems that form into a crown of spectacular beauty and glamour. It is said that it gives off the Pure White glow of a million shades of colors never able to be seen. This was supposedly created in the ancient days of mankind, and was some of the earliest kings’ crowns and jewels put together to form this jewel of jewels. While this is not essential to any cause, it is a Trader’s dream, and would be worth more than any capital ship in the eyes of the right Imperial Noble.

Contempt: A long time ago, before the times of Mankind’s exploration and expansion, there was a deadly clash of great beings. Little is known of the war, except the Gods were at war with one another. The struggle was horrifying. Millions of Daemons and worshippers throwing themselves at each other in the warp. At a point of immediate need, a god thought of a devious plan. He forged an armor so great it could not be touched by even the greatest of Daemons of other gods. The Gods themselves paused at the creation of this armor. The God bestowed the armor upon the weakest, but most innovative and adaptable race in the universe; Man. The Champion of Man pushed forward to decimate the other Gods, and through bloodied charges of one versus millions, he pushed to shatter the Gods’ armies one by one. The warp howled with the outrage of the Gods. This would continue until his purpose was fulfilled, the Gods were shattered. All but one. The God who had forged the armor for that man. The man stood beside his God, but want and loss of the people he now missed began to overtake him. His Golden head of hair turned a silver to grey, and he grew old with each battle against the Gods. Never could he continue like this, never could he be apart from the family he adored, nor the friends that had died in centuries past. He was dead to all who knew him. Every day grew harder, he grew weaker and weaker with each. His God knew this. His God was not like the others, he knew love. He knew remorse. He knew emotion. The man came back for one more battle, his body failing him with each swing of his Sword and Axe. In the many times now and before his strength and agility had faltered ,but the armor carried him on indefinitely. His God, at the last moment of the battle, removed his power from the man. The man, looking to the sky, saw his family there in the Warp. His Sword and Axe now falling to the bloody earth, their purpose finished. He collapsed on the ground to his knees, a smile crossing his face as his life fled him to join the madness of the warp. His God took the body, removing the armor from it. He split the armor into ten pieces. Then, he flung them to all far sides of the galaxy, so not him nor another god could put a man through the same struggle, for good or bad. The God knew this would mean his death, as the other Gods around him remembered the times of their own falter. The God was slain by the unity of the mightiest of those gods. The Armor is said to just be a story, a human story to children. While it may be a story, there is many a man and Daemon that searches for this armor. If one should find even a piece of it, he would become a bane of Daemons and Gods alike. This is where the possibilities lie. In the Simple Steel plate of man and god.