This is owned By MarshMallo of the Augurs of the serpent

Weapons; A Combat Knife he scavenged from the corpse of a cultist, a worn Commissar's Saber that is badly chipped and a worn Bolt Pistol he kept as a trophy from a commissar that had been killed when he defected from the Imperial Guard.

Appearance: Mallo is an averaged sized male of five foot eleven inches in height with a slightly paler than normal complexion, with many scars on his body from self mutilation and the mark of Slaanesh branded onto his chest. His eyes are usually bloodshot and red from all the drugs and burst blood vessels in his eyes but his eye color is a shade of hazel. Whatever is left of his hair is a matted and unkempt brunette with some small patches of grey. The casing that replaced his lower jaw and throat looks worn and ragged, with the mark of Slaanesh crudely etched into the casing as another sign of devotion.

He wears the chest plate of some Carapace armor he looted from the corpse of a dead Commissar, said chest plate has a few scorch marks and indents in the metal but it still serves serves as decent protection for him, of course he etched another symbol of Slaanesh specifically where the armor covers his ribcage. For some form of under armor he wears his standard issued Imperial Flak armor, now torn in many places with scraps of metal that he scavenged from the battlefield along with his carapace chest piece to bare the colors of Slaanesh.

Personality; Mallo could be described as fanatical to the ways of Slaanesh. Having mutilated his own body in countless different ways like flagellation, making sure to leave scars behind, while high on the effects of combat stims countless times, one particular mutilation involved him removing his own vocal chords with just the combat knife, he later on started to suffer the effects of tetanus and he had to replace his lower jaw and vocal chords with cybernetics or risk throat infection.

Another facet of his worship to Slaanesh is the experimentation with the aforementioned combat stims and torturous deprivation, going to the point where he will hoard them in a safe location, depriving himself of his addictions for longer and longer periods before he starts to ingest vast quantities of his hoard, all for the sake of experiencing even greater sensations and highs.

Bio: Mallo was born an only child to a priestess of a Slaaneshi farm cult named the Seekers of Excess who died at childbirth because the agony of childbirth was too much for her ruined body and mind to handle and a father who died during intercourse with his mother whom had repeatedly stabbed him with a ritual knife in a fit of heated pleasure.

With no parents, he ended up being given to a local orphanage, where he stayed with the other orphans of the agri-world, he had heard much of the imperial propaganda from the matron and even the ones sent to conscript the kids who are of age into the Imperial Guard, however he didn’t really seem find any of the propaganda inspiring or even believable. But of course he hid that from everyone else for fear of getting punished. This continued until he was seventeen and he was conscripted. After the basic two year long PR and propaganda spiel that the conscripts go through, he was given his copy of the Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer, the standard issue Flak armor and Las-gun before being assigned to a platoon and awaited his time to be shipped off.

He and his platoon were to be on the next transport off world, but the Seekers of Excess had expanded rapidly during Mallo’s nineteen years on the Agri World of Malon V and troops were needed to wipe out the heretics. So, instead of being shipped out the platoon Mallo was in had been reassigned to defend their planet, to stand the line. After a few months of engagement, morale was low and those still alive were either suffering from sleep deprivation or wounds from ambushes, bodies from both sides were everywhere and the skies had been blackened with thick black smoke. In the first week Mallo had seen two of his squad members fall victim to the blades of some cultists, by the end of the first month, three more had perished in an ambush and his Las-gun was broken, mid way into the second month two more had fallen in battle, their bodies hacked into pieces.

Now, all that remained of Mallo’s platoon was him, another guardsmen from the same orphanage as himself and the Commissar. At this point morale was nonexistent, the Imperial Guard force defending the planet had been reduced to small pockets fighting against the cult’s numbers. With no contact with anyone else and no support, Morale was practically nonexistent. Mallo himself had been injured in previous engagements with the cultists, suffering from multiple lacerations, burns, and a mild concussion but he was still able to fight, if only barely however. It was in this time frame that things took a turn for the worse, tensions had broken out, the two guardsmen were willing to surrender, the other guardsman had even started running, but the commissar wasn’t having it. With the speed and accuracy commissar’s were known for when executing soldiers to set an example, he had pulled out his bolt pistol and shot the fleeing guardsman in the back. Then they were ambushed by another wave of cultists, the Commissar and Mallo were caught off guard. After taking down a few of them, Mallo and the Commissar felt a near crushing pain in the back of their heads before everything went dark.

When he awoke, he found himself restrained and naked on some sort of ritual altar, while the the commissar was held captive inside a cage. However, his attention was quickly diverted to female cult member walking towards the altar. She stood before him fully nude, holding a ritual knife and a syringe. The female cultist none too gently inserted the syringe into a blood vessel in his neck and injected the drug into his system. She didn’t wait to see if the drug had any effects on him before proceeding to rape him. Mallo struggled through this valiantly, but his already weary mind couldn’t handle the new sensations very well. When she raised the knife and started to drag it down his skin, he felt the mix of both pain and pleasure intensified by the drug in his system. It was at this point that something inside him snapped, he began to crave the sensation more and more, something that the female cultist on top was all to happy to oblige with. By the time they had finished, Mallo was all too willing to convert. By now it had been four hours since he and the commissar were ambushed and Mallo was about to cross the point of no return, the female cultist got off of him and made her exit. About a minute later she returned with a branding iron, the tip was white hot and it was shaped in the mark of Slaanesh and without hesitation she pressed the branding iron down hard against Mallo’s bare chest.

Mallo screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure, the sensation of pain was exquisite and he craved more. During this process he screamed out praises to the lord of excess at the top of his lungs. But alas, the pleasure was fleeting. The cultist, satisfied with her work had undid his restraints. Now it was the Commissar’s turn. Two cultists opened the cage and dragged the commissar to the altar. Mallo was going to have his chance to prove his loyalty, one cultist handed him the Combat Knife he had previously scavenged from one of their fallen and he walked towards the commissar, tying the knots to restrain him as he woke up.

When the commissar came to, he was greeted to the sight of Mallo, recently branded with the Mark of Slaanesh standing over him with a knife in his hands. Mallo wasted no time cutting the commissar, but when the first scream came he found euphoria. Desperate to hear that euphoric noise he kept slashing and cutting the commissar, not stopping until long after his screams died, when the bliss finally ended. His loyalty proven, Mallo was given the items the Commissar had on him for his own use. A Bolt Pistol, the commissar’s Saber and the Carapace Armor before setting out to experience the pleasures he so wantonly craves, all in the name of Slaanesh.

Note: His name is a pun on Marshmallow.