Name: Aphrodite Melodius (Infinitis)

Age: Indeterminate, due to time spent in the Warp

Gender: Female

Race: Human, Chaos-mutated

Appearance: To the untrained eye, Infinitis may seem to be a relatively normal human being. Long black hair trails down to the middle of her back, distinctly contrasting with the paled flesh of her face and neck, an almost regal appearance. Almost all the time, she is seen in a tight bodysuit, covering the entirety of her flesh from her feet to her lower neck. A black choker, the symbol of Slaanesh serving as its ring, surrounds her neck, identifying what god she devotes herself to.
Such concealment is intentional, for underneath lies more blatant evidence of her corruption. Her hands have mutated, fingers now clawed with sharpened prongs rarely seen outside of her bodysuit. It is worn to intentionally hide the taint of her flesh - a mixture of mottled purples and pink, a good deal of grey amalgamated within it as well. From how maleficent her skin has become, one would easily identify her as a servant of the Prince of Pleasure. In concert with her eyes, glistening purple through the power of her patron, she often will merely be scorned as a mutant rather than assailed as a devotee of the Dark Gods.
Position: Aspiring Champion within the Augurs of the Serpent warband


Sisters of Battle Armor, Argent Shroud variant, corrupted, encased in glass as a trophy(and reminder)

Chainsword, Mk XI "Hell's Teeth"-Pattern, blade guard removed, sides painted in lavender and black stripes with the Chaos star overlaid with the sigil of Slaanesh

Bolter, Tigrus-Pattern, Drum Magazine, Kraken Penetrator Rounds, sides painted in lavender and black stripes with the Chaos star overlaid with the sigil of Slaanesh

Allegiance: Augurs of the Serpent

Personality: The devotion towards Slaanesh that Infinitis showcases is nearly wholehearted - her devotion to unlimited amounts of sensual pleasures, every single type to exist, exists both as a method of worship towards the Prince of Pleasure, and as a facet of the fragment of herself that remained untouched by the psychic swat of the fallen Sister-Superior. The desire for superiority over the one who bound her knows no bounds - and she will perform any deed in service to her patron in order to gain an edge over Miriael herself. A sultry edge is eternally present in her voice, a lure on behalf of the Bringer of Debaucherous Sin to taint her words with the power of Chaos.
Bio: The story of the one known as Infinitis can be traced back over a millennia, when a child - a daughter - was born to the Melodius family of nobles on Holy Terra. Through circumstances that have remained unclear over the centuries, whether through a death in the family or through political manipulation, she was sent to the Schola Progenium for indoctrination into the religious fervor of the Adepta Sororitas. Her entire childhood was devoted towards fervent worship of the God-Emperor, and for all that mattered, she was a rather pious sister. Was she the most pious? Certainly not - but her loyalty was never in question.
Her training had finished sparsely over the span of several years when she and her Mission from the Order of the Argent Shroud devoted themselves on a quest most important - to purge the galaxy of the one Sister who had, through a choice of her own, turned to the worship of Chaos and defiled herself to the devotion of the Dark Gods. It was on Ophelia VII that she and her fellows swore that they would not return until they had subdued the fallen Sister-Superior, Miriael Sabathiel, and brought her back to face the justice of the Ecclesiarchy.
She had no idea as to how wrong her vow would go.
Her mission turned into a nightmare. One by one, the Sisters swore themselves to the service of the Chaos Champion that Miriael had become. Though Aphrodite resisted, she too found herself on bended knee, the psychic sway of her new master coursing through her mind. For many, she served her new liege, her flesh tainted and corrupted by the powers of the Warp she was exposed to, her former beauty preserved in a pernicious manner by the Empyrean’s chaotic sway. But within a corner of her mind was a fragment of the woman who desired freedom, who wished for liberation. And she would get it, through one method or another. Such was the reason that she volunteered to test an experimental ritual, one designed to tear a rift through the Warp and allow smaller craft without Warp drives to fly onto the battlefield.
It was far more successful than she expected. The tainted Lightning she flew was eagerly accepted into the swirling vortex of the Immaterium, where it soon was tumbling out of control before being spat out… where? She had no idea, barely being able to coax the critically damaged craft into the atmosphere of the planet below before a swift crash-landing saw her temporarily incapacitated.
Upon a beach of red sand, she awoke. The half-submerged wreckage of her Lightning was barely visible under the low tide, and she gave a prayer of thanks to the Dark Gods for allowing her to survive the perils of the Warp. But she was not alone - there were some individuals who peered at her with lecherous interest - spies from the Augurs of the Serpent.
Her options were chiefly bicameral - either she could wait for a message from their master, or she could perish. Silently, she clawed herself to a standing position, bolter and chainsword readied despite the salty ichor that dripped from their ends. She cared little for their struggle - yet here was an opportunity to fight for her patron God without the psychic sway of an individual pressing upon the corners of her mind at every turn.
That master was the Sorcerer known as Darkminster, leader of the Alpha Legion cell known as the Augurs of the Serpent. In her troubled sleep within the agricultural housing unit she laid down her head in, the psychic projection of the leader of the Augurs made himself known to her, revealing the basic information she needed to know about her new home. The world she had landed upon was Italicus - an agricultural planet in the lesser known Scandivus subsector. Wherever it was, the touch of Miriael Sabathiel was nowhere to be sensed, and Infinitis gleefully accepted an opportunity to wage war in the name of the warband.
Now, with a new purpose, a new freedom as part of the Augurs, Infinitis wages war in the name of Slaanesh, seeking to one day receive the ultimate rewards of the Dark Gods so her ascension over the one who sent her down this path may, once and for all, be secured.