Name: Indwick Tepes

Age: 600

Gender: Male

Race: Chaos Space Marine

Homeworld: Siag

Appearance: Indwick looks like any other Chaos Space Marine with a oversized and sturdy build. He wears power armor like most Chaos Space Marines with vintage battle scars around his armors chest plate. While it is believed he may have some mutations from the Warp, it is as yet unknown what they are, (that is until this is worked out that he actually acquires these mutations.) He is believed to still possess hair that is dark black.His eyes are dark green.

Position: Havoc Sergeant/ Aspiring Champion

Weapons; Standard bolt pistol, chainsword, (his squadmates may wield a heavy bolter, auto-cannon, or a las-canon depending on loadouts. He may wield these of one of his men fall in battle.) Maybe he may have a grenade every so often.

Allegiance: Augurs of the Serpent, Chaos Undivided.


Indwick is rather calm and open minded about matters. While he can be rather stubborn and narcissistic, he also thinks about the good of his squad and is mindful of the overall goals of the Augurs.  That being said he is quite stern and will frown upon incompetence, especially due to negligence. In terms of Chaos God worship Indwick is a Undivided. He fully accepts the authority of all the Chaos deities, but believes that each individual follower has a specific place within the Augurs.



.Standard Chaos Space Marine helm.

.Bolt Pistol

.Optional: Heavy Bolter, Las-Canon, Auto-canon (depending on mission loadout requirements.)

Bio: Indwick was born on the forest world of Siag post 10,000 after the Horus Heresy. It is believed that at one point he was with the Black Legion on Siag.However, it is believed that he became disillusioned with Abbadon the Despoiler and somehow got offworld after and landed on the Augurs base world. Being outnumbered and not a fool as he was surrounded when he crashed landed, Indwick quickly surrendered to their Warband and allied himself with them. He then undertook the best weapons training he could with familiarity with Chaos Havoc tactics to become a member of their small Havoc squad team.