The Augurs command structure is perpetually based around the operation of a few Astartes to a legion of Cultists doing stealth work. As the Augurs are still recovering from their losses on Kantourus, actual troop placement may be thrown out of whack. There is a small set of things that Still remains the same through the fire and flames.

This is kept here, and troop placements will be filed here depending on the times. All registered Characters will have a place.


Current Fangs and their roles.

The Grand Sorcerer:

The Grand Sorcerer leads The Augurs Of The Serpent and is the heart of the Warband. Most times he oversees new psykers to see their potential, plotting plans with the Fangs and Kabal, sometimes pays visits to a few of his allies or contacts that even the Augurs can not reach or even training to improve himself.

Current Leader - Rallor Volkin

Info: Rallor Volkin is former Alpha Legionaire Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer with Ultramarine Origins. with a hate for one of the Alfa Legion’s “Captain Ares Gildeon” Rallor Volkin has gone as far to dedicating his small Warband to make Ares’s life a living hell by slaying those close to him.

Serpent’s Kabal:

Varying between Chao Sorcerers and Powerful Rogue Psykers, the Kabal is Rallor's Advisors as well as extensions, Some members of the Kabal can be deployed to assist in more Delicate matters that require a more trained and powerful minds to handle, as well as being forces to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Some members of the Kabal with powerful minds are even granted a Tunda Wyvern to tame as their own mounts, imported from Swedeasa to further destroy anyone opposing them. A Member Of the Kabal in the warband plays more of an advisor/strategist role.  

Members Of The Kabal:

  • Isaq The Chaos Sorcerer

  • Argus The Chaos Sorcerer

  • Dana The Daemonette

  • Vetrero

1st Fang:

Current Fang - Zeimaster The Chosen Champion

The 1st Fang is in charge of the Astartes and their deployment - while the Augurs are not mired in conflict, the Fang would get to work, having his Astartes capture and indoctrinate certain individuals into becoming sleeper agents - all the more better to help maintain covert eyes on intel and the enemy. When war happens (sometimes inevitably), The Fang would deploy his forces where they can cause the most havoc, attacking critical locations, weak enemy positions, and send forces to sabotage enemy operations and supplies. When the time comes and the enemy is almost completely ruined, the Fang would make an all-out attack, for the final killing blow.

Current Fang - Zeimaster The Chosen Champion

2rd Fang:

The 2nd Fang is in charge of communication, the spreading and maintenance of the cults under the Warband’s thrall, Information and counter-intelligence. Essentially, if the 1st Fang would embody the body and might of the Warband, the 2nd would embody the Warband’s senses. Information is victory after all, or so the Ultramarines used to say.

Current Fang - Randy The Dark Apostle

Info: Formerly leader of the Word Bearers 31st Host and the Apostles of Destruction ,He came to the subsector shortly after the battle of Kantorus. Randy´s current goals are unknown even to Rallor Volkin but yet his loyalty is unquestionable.

3rd Fang:

The 3rd Fang is in charge of taking care of all the Warband’s psychic resources, including but not limiting to artefacts, psykers and their equipment. Chaos Sorcerers are not included in this, but they tend to work alongside the Fang’s efforts in the recruitment, training and deployment of the Warband’s Rogue Psykers. If such a Psyker is lucky, they would rise to prominence in the Warband. If unlucky however, well... some sacrifices can be made.

Current Fang - Dana The Daemonette


a Rogue Psyker was elected to try and summon a daemon of some sort by a ritual. The result of the failed attempt was the Psyker being mutated into powerful psuedo-Daemonette. Her psychic power then reached new levels. Rallor Volkin, who was present at the time, managed to keep the Daemonette from going mad, succeeding and later making her the 3rd Fang. With her newfound power She tends to place “images” from the warp into those unfortunate enough to be near her, people never know the mystery on why the Dana does this. some say it’s for laughs. Others say to it’s to please her respected god.

4th Fang:

Current Fang - Purgato Vykers

The last, but not least - the 4th Fang is in charge of some of the more important aspects in running a Warband - Wargear and vehicle maintenance, supply distribution, The Warband’s warp-capable fleet and other orbital assets, and non-astartes land transports. The 4th Fang is in some ways, the heart of the Warband itself - for hearts pump the lifeblood of all sentient beings, which helps the body survive. In such a way, the 4th Fang is responsible for the Warband’s operational status - and does not tolerate any failure to live up to the best that can be achieved.