Welcome to the Characters page. Here is where we store all registered and official Augur characters! These are split into a few groups. From Ranking, split to race. These characters are all approved and are currently able to participate in Roleplays. You may see some names repeat in the Categories because their Characters fill two or more roles.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________Our Glorious Leader:

Grand Sorcerer Rallor Volkin

The Cabal:

Argus The Chaos Sorcerer

Isaw The Undivided Sorcerer

Markan The Chaos Sorcerer

Vertero The Nurglite Sorcerer

Dana The Daemonette

The Head-Hunters:

Azreal Salazar



Brote The Chosen

The Fangs:


Dana The Daemonette

Purgato Vykers

Randolf The Dark Apostle.

Marine Venom Heralds:

Laetalis The Corrupted Apthecary

Human Venom Heralds:

Adriano Serpenta

Jace The Plague Warlock



Marine Aspiring Champions:

Nathaniel Extollo

Indwick Tepes

Nide (Raptor Aspiring Chamion assigned to Zeimaster)

Human Aspiring Champions:

Hellstorm Of The Dark Gods

Augur Battle Brothers (Astartes):

Augur Rogue Psykers;

Jace The Plague Warlock

Adriano Serpenta

Dana the Daemonette

Augur Cultists:

Amandus Agee the Murderous Doctor

Mallo The Renegade Guardsman

________________________________________________________________________________________________If your character is not on this list, Please Register him to Vulkaen or Kaiserdoom.