Character creation for the official roleplays may vary from person to person. Guidelines are usually set from GM to GM for the actual rule sets, (Dark Heresy, Black Crusade, etc) and those types of rolling are generally done in a Roll20 room with the GM or another person of the GM's approval.

In the Augurs, there is one universal set of character guidelines that we've created. These are used for the Character themselves, so to not be shoved in a google doc with separate character sheets from several other games across the RP campaigns.


Alpha Legion Traitor Marine






Alignment: (Unaligned, Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, or Slaanesh)





After Character creation, which can be done on any type of sharable document, (Google Docs, Any type of copy/paste stuff) It must be submitted to a member of the lore team. The options are usually two people, KaiserDoom and Vulkan. Both of which can be found on the skype group. Just add them and tell them that it needs to be confirmed.

Once they've deliberated on the character and okay'd it, it will be added to the database of official characters on the Site. This character will forever be registered on the website until his/her/it's untimely and probably climactic death at the hands of cool beast or man. Then the death will be recorded on the Character page with a "Deceased" maker on it and a brief description of death and awards.

If at any time you would like to add the cool stuff your character did in an RP, please just write it up and send it to the Lore team, tell them what you want to do with it, and they'll comply! That goes the same for pictures on the page itself.

Kaiser wrote up a pretty decent baseline for designing characters if you need the help, and after you've read it, you can absolutely contact us with questions about character creation. (Please refrain from asking Darkminister as he is a very busy and stressed man, Thanks~_

DO’s In Character Creation

  1. Be original when creating him, take inspiration but don’t make a copy. Be consistent in their Design.
  2. Write at least a decent meaningful Backstory with some depth to it even if it’s just a small description of their short history of how they got into the Augurs
  3. Know the Sort of Character you want to create before you make them.
  4. Make a Character that is Meaningful and creates an impact on the story even if their Dick or a Kind person
  5. Create a Character you like that makes sense, Don’t conform to what Someone else says is the “Best Type”
  6. Have Variety In your Backgrounds
  7. Research the type of character you want to be if you want it to be Authentic, don’t jump blindly into it unless you know what you’re doing.
  8. Don’t be afraid to get an opinion before you finalize them, ask someone what they think and rewrite based on your own opinion until you get something you like.

What Not to do in Character Creation.

When You Create a character in the 41st Millenium There are a List of DOs and DO NOTs and here are a list of things that you should NOT do in the creation of a character in the 41st millenium.

  1. Don't have a Flawless Hero, Some people believe unless your protagonist looks like a child of Persephone, has a genius IQ and a heart of gold, your readers will immediately reject him. The hero must be perfect in every way, because no one wants to read about a character with actual flaws. Well that's Bullshit, only special fucking snowflakes have the flawless invincible card in their Deck. Everyone has flaws, especially chaos and the mortals of the 41st millennium. Especially the slaaneshi's who aspire to seeking perfection are the ones who will hit the slab the hardest.
  2. Don't think there is nothing wrong with a character being virtuous, flawed, . But if you make this virute the defining characteristic of your character, then it is effectively not a character: it is a mere one-dimensional puppet.
  3. Don’t say “He’s like Batman or Leman Russ, Etc” when describing Him or Her.
  4. Don’t Rip the character off of someone else and call it your own, plagiarism isn’t accepted.
  5. Don’t be Edgy, IE forcing yourself to exaggerate something that’s not you; such as just Eating puppies because it seems like it’s Khorn to do.
  6. Don’t come up with an over the top overly defining backstory that prevents growth in character development.
  7. Try not to come up with a sad and Super grimace background, because it comes off as a little cringeworthy especially if all your characters have the same background
  8. Don’t come up with something that makes no sense lore wise without proper justification
  9. Don’t pull a “Following in their Footsteps” Background unless if it’s something for an Imperial guard background that almost everyone has.
  10. Rigidity is DEATH in character creation, Don’t determine their Behavior and Demeanor before the roleplay.
  11. Don’t Write a Character Without Knowing the Fucking LORE OF THE AUGURS OF THE SERPENT & 40k !
  12. Now you know what not to do, So go & Try Hard to make great characters.