Note: This character has been worked on over a period of time and is continuing to be updated


He stands at 7’5”. His Body appears to have had skin grafts and an Arm grafted on from the same Marine after the Events on Kantorus. The Grafted on arm appears to have Various tattoo’s of text directly from the codex astartes on it along with a Half Aquila in red ink on the shoulder. The Skin grafts start from the shoulder on the left arm and goes up the left side of azrael’s neck and onto the left lower side of his face leaving a lighter skin tone to his body. On the Right side of the face he sports facial tattoos of text from the codex.

==Abilities,mutations, and Traits==

Septic Bite from an over active Betcher's Gland ==Equipment==


  • Tigris pattern Stalker bolter
  • Tigris bolt pistol
  • Astartes Mono Sword
  • Poisoned Astartes combat knife


  • Mk6 Legs, Pauldrons
  • Mk4 Helmet with ,Breastplate

Cameleoline Cloak

Annotated Codex


Friends and Allies